Misbehavin TV /Misbehavin TV Pure is an IPTV service that`s a standalone APK that includes hundreds of live television channels. This is a USA IPTV service that requires High-Speed Internet.

Hello! My name is Mayor and my passion has always been to create a source of information for others to enjoy. The only way to make it work successfully, however, is to make sure that I am also passionate about the information I provide and lucky for you I am! I have always loved as well as my kids to have movie night on occasion and most definitely find the latest Pay-Per-View event with the gang.

I have been using Kodi for quite some time and am willing to share with others some of the tips, tricks, techniques, and uses of the Kodi program. Kodi is an open source software program and does not cost anything. You, your friend, a neighbor it doesn’t matter — can download it and use it today free of charge. It, however, is quite complex and has many features most are unaware of and that is where I founded the metvliveaddon.com site.

Please keep in mind I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with Kodi. Kodi does not and never will endorse this site. Any information you find within this site is for informational use only. Some add-ons are created by a third party and may not work or quit working at any time.

Please make sure it is legal to stream the content in which you are streaming, learned to stream or installed from visiting this site. This site does not post, stream or maintain any of the actual streams you may receive. It is only an informational source.

Thanks for visiting and stop by often, tell your friends and keep streaming!

17 thoughts on “About”

  1. thank mayor
    i the problem with gears tv and mayfair guide
    i going in your builds dallas live edition builds in my laptop
    i watch nhl nba ok
    i watch usa and espn 1 and 2
    its not working i enter in your gears tv and mayfair guide
    please comment you do enter

  2. i watch your video for mayfair guide and gears tv
    in your builds dallas live editions builds on android tv box or amazon fire tv stick
    firestick i watch in your builds

  3. 3$ for mayfair guide
    the new mayfair guide with gears tv
    25$ ok i going in your builds
    you happy
    i watch the hockey nhl and nba
    ny knicks rangers ny islanders ny yankees ny nets brooklyn
    mets ny and the radio dallas texas

  4. will hate pay my account from gears tv with dallas live edition builds in my laptop
    i chouse i want to gears tv like the hockey and basketball
    nhl and nba news
    i dont know i watch your for misheavin tv guide with gears tv
    its like dish network and directv

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